The #yesphx Winter Social is coming up - Grab a ticket, mark your calendars for 12/9, and get your fancy clothes ready for a partay.

Pedalhaus Brewery’s downtown location opens next Thursday - They’ll be across the street in the MonOrchid building, this will be their 3rd location.

Downtown Phoenix is putting together the first Winter Wanderland - Wander, not Wonder. A bunch of performances, delicious food, and excessive decorations and lights.

Provision Coffee is working on it’s second location - Looking like early 2022, 7th st. and Missouri in Uptown.

Far Away Wine and Provisions just opened - New neighborhood wine stop with a cozy atmosphere, 30th and Indian School. Delicious looking limited menu as well.

AZ Craft Brewers Guild is getting ramped up for a few beer festivals this year - The Arizona Strong Beer Festival will be out at the new Bell Bank Park in Mesa, plenty of space for all kinds of activities.

The Tacosgiving block party is next Wednesday - Arcades, tacos, bring the whole family, and celebrate that crazy Wednesday before Thanksgiving together.

The Shop Beer Co is hosting Street Harvest tomorrow - Tacos, live music, and beer to celebrate mexican street food and hip hop culture.

Wilderness downtown is hosting movie nights, live music, and soul nights - Great to have some of these events pop up with the nicer weather.

Phoestivus 2021 is on 12/15-16 - In it’s 12th year, 150 vendors, local food, and a great way to shop for local gifts for the holidays.

A few upcoming art exhibits in the valley, Patio weather bar and restaurant ideas, and some day trip snow ideas

Curated by Nick Hammond